ASTC Breeder Referral

Breeder Referral volunteers are willing to inform and advise callers about the breed as well as provide names of members who may have puppies and/or older dogs for sale. ASTC does not guarantee or warrant the services of any breeder nor the quality or health of the dogs which may be purchased from member/breeders. ASTC strongly urges all buyers to carefully document, in writing, all representations, promises, statements, warrantees and guarantees made by sellers of Shih Tzu. The seller should sign such documentation or provide a purchase contract that includes the agreed upon provisions.

Before buying a Shih Tzu, see articles elsewhere on this website, including How to Identify a Responsible Breeder, Imperial Shih Tzu, Pet Shops, Designer Dogs, Dog-Selling Web Sites. and Why Buy A Purebred From A Responsible Breeder?

Breeder Referral Committee Members
(NOTE: expect phone calls to be returned collect)

Janet Danner - Chairman (VA)
Ph: 757-495-0504
E-mail @:

Carlene Snyder (FL)
Ph: 813-684-5853
E-mail @:

Renae Watson (GA)
Ph: 770-788-1464
E-mail @:

Deb Wheeler (NH)
Ph: 603-387-2090
E-mail @:

For printed list and information send a large SASE ($.98 postage) to:

Bonnie Prato
5252 Shafter Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
Ph/fax: 510-595-1106
E-mail @: